Intellectuals and scholars tend to believe that ideas come first which then lead to new political, social, economic, psychological realities. This does happen, but it is the exception. As a rule, theory does not precede practice. Its role is to structure and codify already proven practice. Its role is to convert the isolated and “atypical” from exception to “rule” and “system”, and therewith into something that can be learned and taught, and, above all, into something that can be generally applied. Theory organizes the New Realities; it rarely creates them.

– Peter F. Drucker in The New Realities


What next..

Every student in her/his high school years needs to choose a career path, finalize on subjects for higher studies and select the school/college for pursuing them. This nowadays is a daunting task. How would anyone finalize on a career? How does one know about one’s strengths or interests and how does one map the strengths …


Content in the making.


Current trends researched and reported with facts and figures represented using Data Science tools and Big Data Analysis. An attempt to forecast and predict.


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