What next..

Every student in her/his high school years needs to choose a career path, finalize on subjects for higher studies and select the school/college for pursuing them. This nowadays is a daunting task. How would anyone finalize on a career? How does one know about one’s strengths or interests and how does one map the strengths to the right career path?

The ones that get a career in their field of interest work is play for them.  Working in the area that is their interest is fun. When you do things you love over and over again, daily, you become an expert, work is not a burden and wealth becomes a by-product.

As per Forbes research the 2 highest paying prfoessions in US are Medicine and being a CEO or an investment banker. Medicine being the noblest and high on satisfaction is very sought after in all cultures. Teaching is another very noble profession with high satisfaction but sadly it is not well paying except some countries in the West, though teachers teaching medicine and other professional courses are paid okay, it is the elementary school teachers who are less paid.

Choosing a career is influenced by many factors, like:

  • Pushed into by parents
  • Peer pressure
  • Family traditions
  • Trends – like Y2K wave towards end of 1990s brought in millions into IT
  • Student’s choice – this is happens with the ones who know what they are good at and what they want

These days there are many many options from old school professional courses to the new sunrise areas. You have Genetic Engineering, Bio Engineering, Data Scientist, Online Teaching, Innovative Agricuture, Alternative Energy and many new technology aided areas.

So it is very important to understand what stuff you are made of to really make your career fun and rich. How do ou know what stuff you are made of?

  • Are you a things oriented person or people oriented? Are you good with your hands in making/creating/repairing things Or meeting people, convincing them, listening to their ideas makes you tick.
  • You like team games like football or individual games like atheletics, tennis etc.
  • Are you some of both, things and people, team and individual types?

Being any of these three types doesn’t guarantee success but it gives an insight into what kind of career you need to pursue.